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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Why invent tieless tackle?

A- When I turned 47, I started to lose my ability to see closely. So, being an avid fisherman, to fish I had to wear cheaters which I would lose or forget. So I invented this system so that I could continue top fish without the hassle.

Q- What keeps the hook on the line?

A- When the knot in your fishing line seats in the croc, you loop your line around at least once, and then pull the line to seat. The criss cross makes a cinch that locks it in.

Q- Why is there a bend on top of the hook?

A- That bend creates a snell affect when a fish takes the bait. A snelled hook will set faster and earlier than a regular hook.

Q- Has the tieless system been thoroughly tested?

A- Yes, 2 field testers spent two years and all eight seasons catching anything from Northern Pike on Tichigan Lake to Steelhead on Lake Michigan, not to mention 5lb. catfish, blue gills, bass, and trout. The success was phenomenal!

Q- Do you have to use braided line?

A- Although Valley Hook fishing was designed with the intent that the user use 10lb diameter braided line, I have heard reports of people using 8 to 10lb diameter mono and fluorocarbon. It's the 10lb DIAMETER which is the most important, however we do recommend braided line because the hook sits more realistic.

Q- Why 10lb. diameter, and not 4 or 6 lb. diameter?

A- Valley Hook started out helping people with physical disabilities, and the youth. What do kids like to do best when fishing? Get snagged! Well, with 10lb. diameter line (40lb. test) lily pad leaves and tree branches are no match. Also, a person with a physical disability - one hand, or poor dexterity, etc... doesn't need to have the worry about reattaching a hook because of a broken line as they would with a small diameter line.

Q - How secure is it for strength?

A - 6lb. diameter braided has an average 10lb. pull strength, and 10lb. diameter braided has an average 15lb. pull strength.  See the pull test here.

Q- What is the difference between the longer clasp, and the shorter clasp?

A- The longer clasp is designed for crank baits that have a longer bill, where the mini clasp can be used with most all of your other tackle - including the soon to be outdated fishhooks. Switching tackle is as simple as it looks!

Q- Don't the clasps add to much hardware where it will spook the fish into not taking the bait?

A- No. Unless you were truly a trophy fisherman, no worries! I catch bluegills, perch, crappie, northern pike, bass, and trout routinely using the clasps.

Q- Is this another fad?

A- No. With the outstanding results and responses, we have had, many children won't even know or want to have to tie a fishhook on the line. Example: The M.A. Daily Foundation brings children out of the inner city and blesses them with a day enjoying the great outdoors learning how to fish and respect the environment. Valley Hook sponsors and supports that great organization, as well as the Wi Chapter of Wounded Warriors. We also hold the National Wildlife Federation dear to our heart!