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Our Story

We designed our patented Valley Tieless Fishing Tackle for people in need of an easier-to-use fishing hook – one that helps them overcome physical or visual restrictions. Here’s how we got started.

I love to fish, but as I got older, I found I needed to wear reading glasses to tie a hook on my line. After enduring many days on the water where I struggled to find and wear my cheaters while fishing, I had enough. I went to work creating a hook that I could attach to my fishing line without glasses. After some trial and error – and extensive testing – I came up with the Tieless Fishing Hook. 

Well, the tieless hook concept really took off, so I decided to create a line of easy-to-use clasps so folks could quickly change lures without having to tie complex knots or wrestle with a hard-to-close clasp. And then I invented the original EZ Clasp for crank baits. 

The EZ clasps were a success, so I kept going. I went on to create the EZ Clasp Mini for smaller lures, jigs, and other tackle where a smaller clasp is better. This allows people of all ages, abilities, and experiences to enjoy the outdoors while fishing. 

Valley Tieless Fishing Tackle helps give lots of people the opportunity to go fishing, on their own, when it would be a major challenge with ordinary fishing tackle. Personally, nothing makes me happier than seeing our American heroes – men, women, children, and the elderly – hold a fish and a smile! We’re proud that Valley Tieless Fishing is here to help make that happen.

God Bless!

Charlie, Founder, CEO