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EZ Clasp Mini (1 package of 5 pieces)

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The EZ clasp mini is a great clasp that has the 2 great benefits of the Original EZ clasp but in a smaller profile.  The smaller profile of EZ clasp mini is perfect for those more finicky species of fish.  The EZ clasp mini is easy to attach using 8-10lb braided line.  Tie a simple knot on one end using the valley tieless system.  It is also easy to attach a lure using the EZ clasp end, which allows for a lure to be attached with out the complicated clasp. 

Attach the EZ Clasp mini in 2 simple steps:

  • Tie a simple knot on the end of your 8-10 lb. braided line.
  • Loop it one time around the hook end of clasp.
  • The EZ Clasp is firmly attached.
Attach a lure to the EZ Clasp mini in 1 simple step:
  • Slip your lure's eyelet over the EZ clasp end.
  • The lure is now firmly attached.
The benefits of the EZ clasp mini:
  • No hard to press mechanics.
  • Average tested pull strength of 11 lbs.
  • Simple, fast effective way to change lures. 
  • Easy to attach to your fishing line without the complicated knot.
  • Switch from current lure to the new one in seconds!
  • Great for anyone who wants to change lures without the hassle.

1 package includes 5 EZ Clasp Mini pieces.
Quality product made in and shipped from Wisconsin.